Around us

Located in the Cosme Velho street is the station where trains take tourists to the peak of Corcovado, where lies the statue of Christ the Redeemer, symbol of the city and one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.



The neighborhood is surrounded by the neighborhoods of Santa Teresa, Laranjeiras, Botafogo and Alto da Boa Vista. At the end of the Cosme Velho street, you can enter the Rebouças tunnel heading towards the Lagoon, with quick access to the Botanical Gardens, Humaitá and Lagoa.

Another tourist attraction that the neighborhood has is the Largo do Boticario, composed of seven neo-colonial style houses of the 1920s. The houses were built with materials used to build the city center, which were demolished. At the entrance of the Largo there are two houses from the first half of the nineteenth century. Stronghold of great artists, Largo do Boticario has promoted over the years, the most diverse artistic and cultural events.

The International Museum of Naïve Art, located in the street Cosme Velho, has the largest collection of such art in the city, with paintings from the fourteenth century to the present.