Casa Caminho do Corcovado

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Bird Watching

The city of Rio de Janeiro is an excellent location for bird watching in the southeast region of Brazil. The national parks that are part of the Atlantic Forest are home to thousands of species including endemic and endangered species.

The House Casa Caminho do Corcovado is located inside National Park of  Tijuca and contributes to the preservation of endemic species of the Atlantic Forest.








The abundance of birds is diverse and its main representatives are the Maritacas (pionos maximilani), Sairas, Jacupemba (Penelope jacupemba), Saracura, Hummingbirds, Owls, Arapongas, Woodpecker, Tangará-verdadeiro (Chiroxiphia caudata), Capoeira (Odontophorus capueira ), Juriti-piranga (Geotrygon montana), the Toucan-beaked black ( Ramphastus vitellinus), Sparrowhawk-dove (Leucopternis lacernulata) and others.